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Buy Royalty-Free Images

Royalty Free Images – understand image licensing

Royalty-free images are images that you can use for various purposes without having to pay royalties or license fees each time you use them. These images are typically available for a one-time fee, and once you've purchased the license, you can use the image multiple times without any additional cost. The "royalty-free" term doesn't mean the images are entirely free; it means you pay for the license only once and can then use the image according to the terms specified by the license.

Terms and conditions for Royalty-Free Images

Usage Rights:

Royalty-free license grants you the right to use the image for various purposes without having to pay additional fees. This can include commercial use, editorial use, and personal use


The images you bought from can not be re-sold, or cannot be used other than the buyer him/herself.


Royalty-free licenses are non-exclusive, meaning that others can also license and use the same image. You don't have exclusive rights to the image.

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